Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Celtic Autumn Week 18 and 19

Here is "Molly" for weeks 18 and 19. It's a combo picture.I completely forgot to take a picture last week! This week has been crazy, the kids are back to school after two weeks off at the holidays; Alan is back out to sea for a little while; and I am trying to exercise more, read more and stitch more this year. Hopefully I can get a good schedule going in the next week! I will also have to add in the UFO from the round robin I joined, busy, busy busy!!! Thanks for looking I will try to be better at posting next week and in the months to come!



Andie said...

She is looking great Kristin! So are we up to week 20 next? LOL I totally lost count!

Mel said...

I've lost count on which week it is too. Oh well.
She is looking great Kristen