Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Did you hear the extremely loud thud? Yes, I have fallen off my 50 project challenge. I could no longer resist. I just put a nice dent in the old credit card. I could no longer resist the Alphabet Fairies or the Pixies!!! I will continue to work on what I have here but with all the new patterns out I don't think I will have the will power to resist. DH is going to give me the Celtic Garden Mystery for my birthday anyway, he knew I wouldn't make it!!!

And speaking of my DH, he just found out that he made Chief this year!! Yeah!! For those who aren't military this is a very nice promotion for him. So the next six weeks or more is spent in training, fund raisers, community service etc. I told him my gift for not really seeing him for the next 6 weeks (he is going to be so busy with initiation) is my cross stitch order!!LOL I have to justify falling off the wagon somehow!!!

Have a great week I will be posting Celtic Spring progress at the end of the week.