Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What happens when....

you spend a few hours working on your Fairy Moon SAL to find that you miscounted? No progress this week. I just finished pulling out about three hours worth of work!!! ARGHHH!!! She is put away until next week and hopefully I can learn to count again by then!

I am off to bury my nose in a book, no counting involved there!



Chiloe said...

You move out to anoher country? lol Just kidding ;-) I hate when I miscount on a big piece because you know the fabric is great and you love the pattern so it can't become an UFO ... Stitchers have to be patient !!!

Lets try again said...

Oh no Kristen. I did that with my first biggish peice. I spend my whole shift at work ripping it out. I was so ticked!!!